Oduduwa Republic Rolls Out Prototypes of Proposed Currency Notes.

The people of Oduduwa republic(Yoruba) who have been clamouring for a separation from the Federal Republic of Nigeria due to the nonchalance by the government, bad governance and poor state of livelihood, have revealed designs of their proposed currency.

This is to show that they are serious about seceding from Nigeria and becoming an autonomous state, just like the Biafrans are also bidding.
They no longer want to be recognized as Nigerians, but the people of Oduduwa.

They have been going in full force with determination to see that they successfully become independent of Nigeria, but somehow their efforts have met with stiff opposition, but this won’t deter them.

Today, they’ve revealed to the public their proposed legal tender which would be used as money when the republic eventually becomes a success.

Some Nigerians have said they aren’t putting in enough effort. This is because despite their agitation to separate from Nigeria, they haven’t made any progress. They have given examples of countries who splitted and are doing fine on their own at the moment.
They claim that the only sector in Nigeria that wants One Nigeria is the North, and according to them, they are the main problem Nigeria is facing.
Splitting would be the best thing at the moment, just as it were before the British colonized Nigeria.

Everyone still looks forward to what the future holds for the Oodua people and Nigerians.


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