Nollywood filmmaker reveals shocking hotel experience.

Nollywood actress and filmmaker, Biodun Stephen has revealed a shocking experience she had in a hotel while filming the night before.

She stated that she lodged into the hotel to rest for the night, and while she was fast asleep by 3am, she opened her eyes to meet some men in her room, dressed in black and carrying weapons. Thinking it was a dream, she heard the door close, and without any further thinking, she screamed to know who they were.
Surprisingly, they identified themselves as me from the EFCC. They explained that they had to badge into the room when they knocked and got no response.

She added that the men asked for the man of the room, but apologized when they realized that she was all alone in the room.
She watched as they searched other rooms and arrested some people.

She stated that she got to discover later that this has become a norm, as EFCC storms hotels in search of people to arrest.

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