Nollywood actress cries out for help.

Nollywood actress, Evan Okoro has cried out to the public at large to come to her aid as some set of people are on the move to end her life.

The actress has made several videos where she has been crying bitterly about how some me from the makers of Bigo app have been chasing her to kill her.
According to her, they have threatened to kill her of she fails to take down her YouTube series titled BIGO MADNESS.
Due to this, she has made posts asking people to watch and decide if the movie is really demonic as people have pointed it to be.
This movie stars top Nollywood actors and actresses like Destiny Etiko, Ify Eze, Ekene Ozoemena, etc

The first video which she made to alert people about her life being on danger, was done in the police station where she ran to seek solace. Her upper lip is swollen as a result of the brutality from this men.

She has cried out for help because she doesn’t want to die at such a young aid. She has called upon her fellow actors and the public at large, to come to her aid at this crucial point.
She also stated that people should come to her aid now that she is alive, not when she is unable to breathe again and people would carry on by posting her pictures with the Rest In Peace tag.

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