Nollywood actor, Ugezu J. Ugezu bashes Nina over her body enhancement.

Popular blogger, Linda Ikeji posted pictures of Big Brother Naija ex-housemate, Nina flaunting her new body one month after surgery.
These pictures have called for a lot of different comments from fans and celebrities.

One of the comments which has gotten people talking is that of the Nollywood actor, Ugezu J. Ugezu.
In his comment, he stated that real men can never be attracted to her body knowing that it is not natural. They won’t be attracted to her because she is no longer in her natural form. She is now in the form with the surgeons have made.

He also put out a word of advice to young ladies who are being pressured by these celebrities to switch up how their bodies look and go for body enhancement. He advised that ladies desist from what he termed “evil”, which is popularly known as body enhancement.
He revealed that the founding surgeon of body enhancement at Carlifonia even advised against it. Hence, he advised young women to stay away from anything related to body enhancement.
He has asked people to identify “evil” and call it EVIL.


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