Nigerians scramble to get their NIN linked to their phone numbers.

It’s no longer news that Nigerians have been obligated to link every of their phone numbers to their National Identification Number(NIN). The federal government made this compulsory in December 2020 with a two-week ultimatum which was eventually extended to January 19th, 2021.

The process of getting one’s NIN registered is so traumatizing that so many people prefer that their simcards are blocked than going through the pain of the registration. One could spend the whole day trying to get registered and still end up without it. In recent times, the NIN accreditation centres have been overflowing with people as they scramble to get registered to avoid being disconnected. At some point, the centres went on strike because of the risk of catching the deadly coronavirus which can be found easily among huge crowds.

Nigerians today look forward to having their sims blocked by their network providers due to failing to provide their NIN. In their usual humorous sense, they have taken to social media to laugh and rant about how they care less about being disconnected by their network providers.
Some others even describe themselves as “spec” because they have linked their NIN to their phone numbers.

Nigerians sit in anticipation of the next line of action by the network providers and federal government and the deadline reaches.

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