Nigerians remain patriotic as they assist in security goods from burning building

Nigerians in Abuja have shown how patriotic they can be to their fellow Nigerians by assisting moving unharmed goods out of a burning supermarket.

Yesterday, Next Cash and Carry was on fire and help was not coming through from any of the fire brigadiers in the city. People around figured that if nothing was done, everything in the supermarket would have been razed down to ashes so they courageously went into the building and packed out as much goods as they could.

In a video which made rounds on the internet on the day of the incident, people were seen carting away so many items from the supermarket and it was immediately interpreted to be looting. However, another video has surfaced where all the items brought out of the building are assembled in an open area.

Fellow Nigerians have applauded these courageous people for being good to their neighbor by doing the much they can in making sure they don’t lose everything.

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