Nigerians Lament About Being Trapped.

Nigerians have come out in their numbers to lament about being trapped in the country with its so many vices.
They advise their fellow Nigerians against going back to the streets to protest against bad governance, as the last protests ended in a bloodshed that left so many people traumatized and affected.

They recall how the first lady of Nigeria, Aisha Buhari relocated from Nigeria to Dubai to live. It is still shocking that the number one woman in the country can no longer cope with the insecurity and instability caused by the government headed by her husband and had to flee.

Some Nigerians lament because they cannot afford to migrate from Nigeria to live in a more favorable environment.
They agree that they’re living hell on earth and hope that one day, they would move out of here and “love Nigeria from the diaspora”.

The optimism in their minds is slowly dying and all everyone has in mind to do is to flee.
Nobody believes in staying back to fix the country, as every effort of the youth to make things better has proven futile.

They compare Aisha Buhari to Patience Jonathan and refer to the former as nonchalant and inhumane, as the latter was always concerned about every happenings in the country when she was the first lady.

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