Nigerians Bash FemCo For Alleged Embezzlement of EndSARS Donations.

The Feminist Coalition group have had their integrity questioned by numbers of Nigerians.
They have been accused of silently transferring bitcoins donated towards the EndSARS protests, worth five million naira to a strange bitcoin account.

This accusation has raised a lot of arguments amongst supporters of the Feminist Coalition group and Patriarchy FC on Twitter.
They likened the group to the Nigerian government whose forte is misappropriation of public funds, saying the difference is their faux display of accountability.

The Feminist Coalition group has replied this allegation with an official statement of accountability via their verified Twitter account.
In this statement, a breakdown of how the money was transferred was given.

Other members of the Feminist Coalition group took to their personal Twitter accounts to explain what happened and why the money was transferred now. They claimed that the money was placed in the market in order to avoid exorbitant charges which wouldn’t be beneficial to all and sundry, so the longer the money takes to get transferred, the lesser the charges for transfer.

Despite this explanation, members of Patriarchy FC on Twitter and bitcoins trading experts have come out to say that if their explanation be the case, then there are loopholes. They explain that at the time the transaction was made, one bitcoin was sold for four million naira or thereabout, but right now, it sells for twenty-five million naira.
They’re hereby asking that the Feminist Coalition group accounts for the remaining twenty-one million, since they claim the bitcoin was sold for five million naira, meanwhile the transaction date was March, 2021.

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