Nigerian lady Recounts How She was Kidnapped.

As insecurity in Nigeria becomes widespread, and as the laws and bodies enforcing security have failed in carrying out their duties, kidnappers, ritualists, armed robbers, etc have continued to feast on the vulnerability of the citizens. Nigerians have taken to putting every measure in place to make sure they are safe.

A lady named Blessed Cindy has narrated her experience with kidnappers.
She stated that she boarded a bus from a park at Enugu, going to Rivers, and the last thing she remembered was texting her sister, and then something cold hit her nose and she dozed off.
She woke up in the kidnappers’ den with several other victims. Two of which were killed in her presence due to their inability to produce any family member who could pay the ransom which they requested.

She also stated that these kidnappers called her sister and warned her to not get the police or any law enforcement agency involved in the situation. They requested three million naira, and threatened to kill her if the money was not produced. Out of fear, her sister ran around and got the sum of two million naira. She also added that the sum of NGN268,000 which was in her account was withdrawn by these kidnappers.

She added that for the days she spent there while waiting for her sister to get the money, she was beaten up and raped.
She rounded off her tweet saying Nigeria has failed her, and that she is traumatized by the incident.

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