Nigerian Feminists Strike Again.

After the outrage at Chimamanda Adichie who rejected the fast rising type of feminism which is being practiced on social media, and which she likened to wickedness, these said feminists have shown how wicked they can be again.

These feminists whose actions and words have all pointed towards misandry, have again shown that their hate for men remains unchanged.

Yesterday, April 13, a Nigerian feminist identified as Akanke Billions tried to make a white woman identified as Avril Amaka get fired because she had different views from her about men.

Avril Amaka simply countered a generalization made by a Nigerian woman about Nigerian men. This woman said she has never found a man that has ticked all the boxes for her because she has everything she wants and all Nigerian men have to offer is money.
Avril being a white woman finds most of these attributes, which this woman has highlighted, attractive.

Avril got different replies from “feminists” who found her opinion disgusting, while men applauded her for being realistic and not hating on men unnecessarily.

It was a whole day of gender battle on Twitter until Akanke Billions crossed the line. She shared Avril’s private information on Twitter and according to what people have said, she got 300 calls from Nigeria.
Her employer reached out to her for an emergency meeting concerning her last tweet which read “Goodnight Piglets”

Angry Nigerians have come out in support of Avril and also posted Akanke Billions’ contact details in order for her to be repaid with the same coin.

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