Nigeria to Resume Registration of SIMs.

The federal government has announced that Nigerians can now resume registration of sims on Monday, April 19, 2021.

A ban was placed on the sale and registration of new SIM cards on December 9, 2020 for reasons best known to the government.
This was after a directive was given to Nigerians to link their National Identification Number(NIN) to their SIM cards or risk being blocked.
This directive caused a lot of pandemonium in Nigeria, as people rushed to the NIN registration centres to get registered, with the overflowing population and high risk of contracting the deadly coronavirus.

For months, Nigerians and foreigners haven’t been able to acquire new SIM cards due to the bank placed on the sale of SIM cards.
This also affected the retrieval of old sims, as people who lost their SIM cards have been unable to retrieve them due to this policy.

The federal government has announced that telecommunication companies can now resume sales and registration of new SIM cards.

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