“Never compare me to any Rubbish Again”, Timaya Blares out.

The Egberi papa 1 of Bayelsa has lashed out on a fan on Twitter who compared him to Duncan Mighty.

The Port Harcourt first son was by himself when Timaya’s stray bullet hit him.

The fan only asked who people think would win in a 10/10 hits battle between Timaya and Duncan Mighty.
Timaya, offended, asked that nobody should ever make such comparison again.
In his words, “…nobody should ever put my name or compare me to any rubbish again…”
He finds this comparison disrespectful, but one thing he failed to see is how condescending his reply was towards Duncan Mighty.

Fans drag Timaya for making such a comment. They accept that the comparison was unnecessary and he is a big artist that has come a long way, but they do not find his reply fair enough.
He could’ve just asked that no one compares him to anyone in the future. Referring to Duncan Mighty as rubbish was rude and very uncalled for.

Others think Timaya’s reply was okay, because he has so many hits in years and Duncan Mighty is only known in one region of the country.

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