“My son is only nine years old, leave him alone”-woman cries out on social media.

“My son is only nine years old, leave him alone”- Wizkid First Baby Mama cries out on social media.

Wizkid First Baby Mama has come to send a stern warning to irresponsible young women on social media.
She gave this warning in a video where she said her nine-year old son was getting nude pictures from strange women on Instagram. She reiterates her son’s age and warns these women to desist from such evil acts. In her words “why are you sending a nine-year old breast?”
In her leniency, she decides to not post their nudes and handles, but threatens hat if it happens again, she would post them without mercy.

Watch the video here.

This video has caused an uproar amongst social media users, and a lot of opinions concerning this issue have been seen.

A fraction thinks the mother is wrong for giving her nine-year old access to the internet in this “wicked” world we live in, and consider it bad parenting on her part.

Another fraction thinks she’s too calm and should have no mercy on sexual predators who are trying to ruin her son’s childhood.

And some others think the woman is being logical by calling the women out rather than taking the phone or internet from her son.

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