My Ordeal

Woman narrates her ordeal with a taxify driver who refused to receive money from her.

A woman named Osato has narrated her ordeal with a taxify driver who refused to receive money from her. According to her, she was supposed to pay a sum of nine hundred naira, so she gave him a thousand naira note, but the driver didn’t have a hundred naira change to give to her.
She asked if she could make a transfer and he agreed. On a second thought, she decided to just pay a thousand naira instead of making a mobile transfer.
To her utmost disgust, he refused the money simply because she gave it to him with her left hand. Annoyed, she transferred nine hundred naira to him.

This story has raised a lot of questions amongst Nigerians; who made the rules? Why does using the left hand to give and collect things seem disrespectful?

This is a cultural issue, and it has been passed on from generation to generation, but this generation has proven to be different.

The left hand is just like every other part of the body, but some Nigerians see it as disrespectful when someone uses it to give or take something from them.
There’s been stories of people who haven’t been able to reach their full potential simply because they were forced to use their right hands to do things, simply because it seemed like the right thing to do.

Slowly, culture is evolving.

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