Museveni wins Uganda Presidential elections for the sixth term.

Ugandan authoritarian, Yoweri Museveni wins presidential elections in Uganda for the sixth term in a row, exceeding his opponents by 58.6%. This would make it forty years in power.

The people of Uganda wail against this injustice, as they claim the elections were rigged.

His fellow contestant, Bobi Wine has sent panic messages on social media severally saying their lives are under threat.

People around the world condemn this act, as Uganda has been in a state of insecurity, severe police brutality, amongst others for years.
Just when they thought liberation had come, their enemy won again.
They condemn the mass electoral misconduct and manipulation and come to a conclusion that Africa is indeed cursed.

A few people have also come forward with statements made by Museveni in the past that are now contrary to what he is doing now. Museveni in the past believed that Africa’s problems were as a result of leaders staying too long in power, but right before everyone’s eyes, he would rule for forty years.

People look forward to the African leaders who will congratulate Museveni, when it is obvious that the elections weren’t free and fair.

Ugandans have posted the election results statistics and ask how it is that Museveni was announced winner. The loopholes are obvious, but the electoral commission is not independent, neither is the army in Uganda working for the people.

Our prayers are with the people of Uganda.

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