MTN Nigeria offers a call me back service that allows subscribers on the network to send a text for free to friends and loved ones to call them. This service is especially useful when you are out of airtime and need to reach someone urgently. MTN call me back code and details of how to send call me back on MTN network are provided below.

MTN Call Me Back Code

The code to send a call me back message on the MTN network is *133#. Once you type and dial this code on your phone, you will be presented with a text box where you will enter the phone number of the person you want to send a call me message to. Type the number and send. You will be taken to another page with 5 options to select from. The options are:

  1. Call me
  2. Call me back, I love you
  3. Send me credit
  4. Call me. I have gist for you
  5. Call me. I need your assistance

The option that you select will determine the content of your call me back message. If you select option 1 for example, the phone number you supplied will get a text from you saying Call me. If option 2 is selected, the content of the message will be Call me back, I love you.

Select the option that best conveys the message that you want to send to the recipient and send. You will receive a notification that you have successfully sent call me back request to the number you supplied. The notification will look like this “Yello, you have successfully sent call me back request to 08031234567”. Call me back messages are delivered within seconds so you can be sure the recipient will get your message.


Note That:

  1. The service is free as you will not be charged any fee for sending call me back messages.
  2. Call me back messages can only be sent from one MTN number to another MTN number. You cannot use the call me back service to send a message from an MTN number to numbers belonging to other mobile network service providers.
  3. You can only send a maximum of 5 call me back messages per day. This is to prevent abuse of the service.

Now that you know MTN call me back code, the next time you run out of airtime and need to get across to someone quickly, just dial the code and follow the steps. Your message will be delivered to the person in a matter of seconds and they can call you back.

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