Ms. DSF reveals a random act of kindness she did.

Nollywood actress, Dorcas Shola Fapson, also known as Ms. DSF has revealed an act of kindness she did when she was in Abuja, via her Instagram story.

She took to her story to post a picture of a crashed car and spoke about how she ordered an Uber ride, and on the way, they were involved in an accident which left the car useless.

She added that she took the car to the mechanic and settled all the expenses which the repairs would incur.

She also posted a screenshot of her conversation with the Uber driver, where he was thanking her for being a good person and helping him offset the bills. He also offered her free rides whenever she is in Abuja again.
She stated that he was nice towards her, and that made her help him when they had an accident.

She went further to state her reason for posting this random act of kindness. She stated that she does so much for people behind close doors, but she chose to post this one, so that people can see how much of a good person she is

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