MoneyGram is an international company that facilitates money transfers all over the world. The company has its headquarters in the U.S precisely in Dallas, Texas. MoneyGram has offices in many countries around the world and currently, there are over 350,000 MoneyGram agent locations globally. This shows how strong the MoneyGram network is.

The company’s operations cover over 200 countries and territories. This means that there is hardly any country you cannot send money to through MoneyGram. MoneyGram is fast, safe and reliable. That is why it remains the first choice for many when it comes to international money transfers. Through MoneyGram, you can send money to loved ones for them to pick cash or directly to their account.  

Money sent directly to a bank account through MoneyGram will arrive there as quickly as possible. In the case of cash pick-ups, the recipient has to visit local MoneyGram agent location to pick up their cash. They must provide the Reference number of the transaction they want to claim and also show a government-issued I.D card.

Despite the excellent track record of MoneyGram, it’s not unusual for people to get worried about status of their transfer. MoneyGram has made provision for people to track their money transfers and get status updates. The good thing is that both the sender and the recipient of a MoneyGram transfer can track the transaction.

So what is MoneyGram tracking? MoneyGram tracking is a system that allows both the sender and the recipient of a transfer to monitor its status. Tracking a MoneyGram money transfer is so easy as you only need two things. You need either the Authorization number or the Reference number of the transaction, and also your last name. Note that the last name of either the sender or the recipient of a transfer would work.

Now that you know what MoneyGram tracking is all about, how do you track a MoneyGram transfer? Find out below.

How To Track Your MoneyGram Transfer

Tracking a MoneyGram transfer is quite easy. Interestingly, both the sender and the recipient of a MoneyGram money transfer can track the transaction. All you need to do is visit the MoneyGram tracking page and enter a few details. You will immediately get an update on the status of your transaction. To Track a MoneyGram follow these steps:

  • Visit the MoneyGram tracking page here
  • Enter either the transaction Authorization number or Reference number in the space provided. If you don’t know what Authorization number and Reference number are, I will explain. I will also explain how to find these numbers.
  • Enter your last name (surname) in the space provided.
  • Lastly, click on Track.
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Once you click on Track, the tracker will search the database for information on the status of that transfer. A result will be returned within seconds and displayed for you to see. Make sure you enter the correct Authorization number or Reference number for your transaction.

If you don’t know what Authorization number and Reference number are and how to find them, I’ll explain now. Authorization number is a unique number assigned to a MoneyGram transfer once the transaction is confirmed. The only thing this number is useful for is tracking the transaction. If you made the transfer at a MoneyGram agent location, the Authorization number can be found on receipt issued. If the transfer was done online, the Authorization number is in the confirmation email sent to the money sender.

Reference number is not the same as Authorization number. It is a unique 8-digit number assigned to a MoneyGram transfer once it is successful. The number is generated once the transfer is made successfully and the money is available for pick-up. The Reference number is included on the receipt issued if the transfer was made at a local MoneyGram agent location. If the transfer was initiated online, then the sender will find the Reference number in the confirmation emails received.

So, both Authorization number and Reference number can be found on the receipt issued or in confirmation emails. While the Authorization number is only useful for tracking, Reference number can be used for tracking and other things. In the case of cash pick-up transfers (transfers that are to be paid cash), Reference number is very important. Without it, the recipient cannot collect his/her money. The Reference number is needed by the MoneyGram agent for processing the payment.

As stated earlier, both the sender and the recipient of a MoneyGram transfer can track the transaction. The sender will find both Authorization number and Reference number either on the receipt or in the confirmation emails received. As a recipient of MoneyGram, once the sender gives you Reference number, Authorization number or both, you track the transaction. Simply follow the steps above to do this. That answers the question of how do I track MoneyGram.


MoneyGram Tracking Number How many Digits

MoneyGram transfer Reference number is 8 digits. The number can be used to track the status of a MoneyGram transfer. For those asking is MoneyGram 8 or 9 digits, MoneyGram tracking number is 8 digits, not 9.

How to Send Money Through MoneyGram

Sending money through MoneyGram is easy and stress-free. The transfer can be sent directly to the recipient’s bank account or mobile wallet or it can be collected cash. You can initiate a money transfer by walking into a nearby MoneyGram agent location or it can be done online. The latter option is not available in all countries

How to Send Money In Person at a MoneyGram Location

Walk into a local MoneyGram agent location. Tell the agent that you want to transfer money. Note that you must show a valid I.D to verify your identity before your transfer can be processed. The details you will need for the transfer include the recipient’s name, their location, and the transfer amount. The recipient’s name must match that of their I.D else, they won’t be able to claim the money.

If the transfer is to a bank account, you have to supply the recipient’s bank name and account number. If to a mobile wallet, the recipient’s mobile number with international dial code will be needed. Once you make all the necessary payments and supply the required details, the transaction will be processed.

You will be issued a receipt which has the 8-digit transfer Reference number. Keep the receipt and share the Reference number on it with the transfer recipient. The recipient has to supply that number in the case of a cash pick-up transfer. Without it, the payment won’t be processed.

How To Send Money Through MoneyGram Online

In some countries, you can also send money online through MoneyGram. To do this, first, you must open a MoneyGram account. The process is very simple and straightforward. This is how you can create a MoneyGram account.


Visit the MoneyGram website and click on the sign-up button. Enter a valid email address, your phone number, and password. Click on Next to move to the next stage. Here you will enter your name, date of birth, & address. Click the Create Profile button to complete the process.

Your account will be created after. You can also open a MoneyGram account through the MoneyGram mobile app. The app can be downloaded on both Apple Store and Google Playstore. Once you have downloaded the app, you open it and click on the sign-up option. You will be guided through the account opening process.

Once you have an active MoneyGram account, you can carry out MoneyGram transfers online. The online transfer can be done through the MoneyGram website or mobile app. MoneyGram online transfers can easily be tracked without using either the Authorization number or Reference number. All you have to do is log in to your account and go to your transaction history. There you will find the status of your send-order.

How to Receive Money From MoneyGram

For pick-up transfers, you have to visit a nearby MoneyGram agent location to collect your money. A valid I.D is required to verify your identity. You will also be given a form to fill. Supply all the required details including the transfer Reference number received from the money sender. If the money was sent to your bank account or mobile wallet, it would reflect in your account balance automatically.

Does MoneyGram Have a Monthly Limit?

A monthly limit exists for online MoneyGram transactions. In most countries, you cannot send more than $10,000 online through MoneyGram each month. Also, the maximum amount that you can send online per transaction is $10,000. If you need to send more than $10,000 in a month, visit a local MoneyGram agent location.

Conclusion (MoneyGram Tracking)

All the information that you need to know about MoneyGram tracking has been discussed in this post. Tracking of a MoneyGram transfer can be done by both the sender and the transfer recipient. All that is needed is a few details. The process is simple and fast. Within seconds you will be updated on the status of your transfer.

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