Miss Mary Daniel Finally Gets Help.

An amputee lady who was captured selling sachet water at a market with the help of a wooden crutch has finally gotten help.

A worried Nigerian saw her and had pity in her and took a picture of her to share on social media in order to make people help her.
This picture went viral and attracted so much empathy from people.

In an interview with Punch newspaper, she revealed that she got her leg amputated after an accident in 2009 that claimed all the lives in the bus she was in, except hers.
She was on a road trip with her parents in a bus when they had the accident. She lost her parents in the process and had to live with her grandmother.
Her leg was amputated even before her grandmother arrived at the hospital.
She has been selling water since then because the accident aborted her dreams of becoming a lawyer.
She also explained that her grandmother set her up with a man to get married to. He impregnated her and left her to fend for herself.
In the long run, a good Samaritan had pity on her and gave her a sum of five hundred naira to start up a business. Her baby father absconded with the money and all of her savings.
Since then, she’s been left with no other choice than to hawk sachet and bottle water.

Following her story going viral, she has received a sum of one million naira from Uche Nwosu to start up a business and keep her from hawking water on the streets of Lagos.

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