MC Smith sends words to people who bring their issues to the social media court.

Nollywood actor, MC Smith Ochendo has sent out words to people who run to social media whenever they have issues, and when people leave comments, they ask that they mind their businesses. He described them as mentally imbalanced because whatever is put on social media is subject to interference by any social media users regardless of whether they were invited to the discussion or not.
He described their case as opening the romp of s chicken and in this case, other social media users will help them in widening it the more.

He stated that people that bring their family secrets to social media do not have a right to decide what inputs people have in the issue. This is because Instagram and other social media platforms are not private enterprises, which is the reason they can’t regulate who replies to their posts.

He concluded by saying that there is nobody who isn’t facing problems with their families, but if anyone brings theirs online, they must not complain when people begin to not mind their business.

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