Man Proposes to His Girlfriend in a Market.

In the spirit of saying “yes” and making things official, a man has chosen his venue of proposal to be a marker.
In a viral video, he is seen on his knees in a dirty market, asking his girlfriend to marry him.
Embarrassed, she repeatedly refused his offer and asked him to stop embarrassing her.
The young man realized too late that this decision was a foolish one and wished she could just say “yes” to him and he would make amends later.

Watch the video here.

This video has stirred up a lot of emotions and different opinions have been flying around.
There are two sides to the opinion and the ones that have decided to sit on the fence.
Women fault him for choosing a market of all places to propose to his significant other, they mock him for his lack of creativity and thoughts.
Others think it is totally fine and it’s the thoughts that count. They think it doesn’t matter where the guy chose to propose, all that matter is the fact that he has decided to make things official. They fault the lady for vehemently refusing his offer, and say she would have originally turned him down if he had done the proposal in a more reasonable place.
The people on the fence think what he did was bad but she could’ve at least said “yes” and collected the ring. They think two wrongs do not make a right, so neither of the couple are right in their decisions towards each other.

What are your thoughts about being proposed to in the market? Yay or nay?

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