Man Humiliates Cheating Girlfriend in Public.

A certain video of a man humiliating his girlfriend at an eatery has been circulating on the internet and has gone viral.

In this video, he is seen walking to a table where his girlfriend and a man are sitted and having a conversation. Based on his reaction, the public have concluded that she was cheating on him with her date.
In the video, he is heard saying “is this the Lagos you went to?”
In annoyance, he removes her shoes from her feet and pulls her wig off her head. Also, he takes back the engagement ring he gave to her. Obviously, all these things he took from her were gotten with his money.
Her date walks off, embarrassed.

When her boyfriend leaves, she sits in dismay, crying. The eyewitnesses who were making videos were asked to drop their cameras while another lady consoled her.

The video has raised a lot of dust and questions have been asked as to whether he was right in his judgement or not.
Some people think he overreacted, as the date might have not been a romantic one, but a business meeting.
Others think she deserved every bit of it because women love being dependent.

Some others think it is outrightly wrong to take back what one gave to someone as gifts.

Watch the video here
What do you think???

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