Man gets the shock of his life after a rendezvous with a lady.

A certain man named Femi has met the shock of his life after a genital meet anf greet with a lady at his place. Obviously, he was satisfied by her performance but she couldn’t say the same about him.

After asking about her welfare and successfully knowing she had gotten home, Femi decided to talk about the swell time he thought they had had, but what he got left him shocked.

The young lady told him of how she wasn’t impressed by his performance, and instead of apologizing and asking where he went wrong, Femi proceeded to brag about a next time to her. He told her that he would surprise her on their next meeting.
Femi couldn’t have expected what he got next.

Irritated and annoyed, the lady blocked him.
He was so surprised that he couldn’t hide it.
He posted the chat screenshots online to get people’s thoughts on the matter and Femis in general have been getting a backlash.

While a large number of people think she did right by blocking him, and taking out bad energy from her life, others think she could’ve talked about it with him and let him know where he went wrong.
A larger number of people mock Femi for boasting when he knew he wasn’t really skilled in that area of life.

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