Man Breaks Up With Girlfriend Publicly.

A man named Dayo has publicly ended his five-year old relationship with his girlfriend, Omoyele on the grounds of infidelity.

The couple were friends right from university days, and they started dating in 2016. He stated that he waited for them to become graduates before asking her out because he intended to marry her.

The problem in their relationship began when he got to know that she had an abortion. She claimed she was raped, but he eventually discovered that she was impregnated by her ex boyfriend.
He forgave her and went on with the relationship.

Their relationship came to a halt when she traveled abroad for her masters and their communication moved from bad to worse.
He trusted her so much and didn’t suspect that she was cheating.
He decided to end the relationship when he realized she has been cheating and that is the reason for her inconsistency.

He shared this story on his Twitter page.

The lady has given a concise reply to his message which shook everyone who has read Dayo’s side of the story.

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