Lyta’s baby mama vows to take grudges to the grave.

Singer, Lyta who is a father of one has been called out by his baby mama severally over being an irresponsible father, but this time, it’s a different case.

His baby mama, Kemi Ayorinde has never failed to expose his whims and caprices ever since she bore a child for him.
The 22-year old lady has called him out on her Instagram story for calling her to seek reconciliation casually.

She stated that he called her on the phone and casually asked her to forgive and forget. This made her furious for he didn’t bother to apologise, but just wanted that they reconcile their differences.
She stated further that she is disgusted by the fact that he asked her the reason she’s still hurt about him till this moment.
She is furious for his failure to be sober over everything he has done to her and her child.

She has stated that she is never letting go of the grudge she has with him, and as far as she is concerned, she would hold on to the grudge till she dies.

It is still very obvious that the two past lovers whose love turned sour, are still at loggerheads.

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