Low-cost Business Ideas for Introverts

($1000 or below)


Introverts are arguably the best set of people in the world today. They are the ones that come up with the best ideas. Generally, they think productively and have huge energy and power for meditation, thinking, and imagination. Often times, some of their ideas might seem unrealistic, however, to some, they are realistic and very achievable. It is also a wonderful thing to be able to come up with such ideas.

Let me state here that these abilities of introverts are not far fetched. As you already know, introverts are not people-oriented and not social, they prefer to be lonely and enjoy quiet times, maximizing their time in productive thinking among many others.

Introverts make great and successful business leaders and entrepreneurs. In the world today, most of the successful business leaders and wealthiest men in the world are introverts. The likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates to mention but a few.

In a world where everyone and everything is going social, people showcasing their wealth and affluence, people trying to show up and be popular, it would be very risky to undervalue and neglect the power of introverts.


They create a kind of healthy balance in our world today. They are better listeners rather than speakers, idea innovators.

In this article, however, we give you low-cost business ideas very suitable for Introverts. These business ideas are valued at a startup cost of $1000 and even less. Discover which is suitable for you as an introvert and use it to make the world a better place.

1. Online Retail Consigner

Startup Equipment: Computer and Digital Camera.

Thanks to online marketing and consignment, Introverts can become successful only Consigner, trading and marketing their goods online.
You can start small by marketing goods that are of little or no value to you or those in excess, properties, and jewelry.

Example of online consignments is RealReal and Thred up.
Generally, all you need to do is to get a computer to access online and a digital camera and even a high-resolution smartphone to take photos of your goods. Also, get an attractive and suitable name or user ID and give a detailed description of every good.


2. Coder

Startup Equipment: Computer and Training Course.

Some of the world best coders are introverts. Introverts are ready to learn, patient and well-focused. Hence they succeed as some of the best coders.
An Introvert could become a freelance coder and make a lot of cool cash from your home.

All you need to do is to acquire the relevant knowledge by going through different training courses and getting a PC for coding.


With some little money, you could attend some online courses in places like General Assembly, get Fred courses from Udemy, and Code Academy. Some of the things you can learn include CSS, HTML, JavaScript React JC, Python, Scala, and Java. This would also afford you the opportunity to become a Front-end developer and web designer and Back-end developer.

3. Graphic Designer

Startup Equipment: Computer and Design Software

This is all too familiar and very suitable for introverts. You could become a freelance designer, making lots of money from graphic designing. For those interested, you can create great designs, logos for businesses and websites. This affords the opportunity to handle projects like stationery and marketing materials for clients.

Also, this is easy to learn and can be self-taught. Once you have learned some of the basics and necessary software such as Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. You just have to advertise yourself, reach out to clients. If possible, create your own website and business.

4. Instagram Consultant

Startup Equipment: High resolution Smartphone

Introverts can become and succeed as Instagram consultants in a world where every business is plunging into the Instagram social media as a new way of advertising and marketing their products.

As it is a new trend and way of marketing products, you could help businesses and products to grow followers and social media presence and influence.

First of all, you need to master all about Instagram, have basic marketing skills, how to convince and motivate people in order to succeed in this area. Learn how to market and promote yourself through social media platforms online.


Let the world know you as an Instagram consultant. If it is possible, create your own website, share some free tips and information although not all on how you could help businesses sell and market their products. Also start growing your client by reaching out t0 businesses, companies and individuals.

5. Online Blogger

Startup Equipment: Computer

First, discover your niche and your particular interest. There is a huge amount of profit and success in blogging. This platform allows you to share the world sought after information, products, and services.

Basically, writing editing and copywriting, advertisements are the main basics. Once you are good in all this, you are sure to succeed.

One thing you need to know, have good content that attracts and engages your clients and readers. Make sure to meet the need of your readers, always be online to respond to the request and answer questions where necessary. Also, learn Google digital skills. Thankfully, this does not cost much. You need a computer and a good internet connection.

6. Landscape and Freelance photographer

Startup Equipment: Good Digital Camera

As a landscape photographer, you can capture beautiful views of the day universe and make money from landscape photography.

You could sell some of your photos to websites, media Publishing houses, and magazines, stock sites, selling prints and usage rights for your photos and images.

Generally, landscape photography requires focus and lots of observation. Once you have learned the basics of being a photographer, you can start improving. You could also create your website is where you could sell your prints and copyright.

Being a freelance photographer affords you the opportunity to sell images and photos to clients and businesses, magazines and publications to publishing houses.

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For an introvert, you can start by learning how to become a photographer. That is very easy and is self-taught. Visit websites, watch video sessions and attend online classes. Moreover, all you require is a good digital camera to start with.


7. Freelance writer/ Copywriter

Startup Equipment: Computer

Thanks to their power of thinking and imagination, learning and reading, introverts are the best writers, they know how to craft out stories with good contents and compelling write-ups.

Introverts can successfully become freelance copywriters who make good sums of money by writing for high-paying publications such as Mashable, Forbes.

However, you need to network and market yourself. Get your name out there to companies, client and publications. You can do this by creating your own website and having many social media accounts.

8. Technical Writer

Startup Equipment: Computer

As you know, introverts are the world best technologists and also good technical writers. For an Introvert with a good understanding of technology, you could become a technical writer, writing contents for software, user guides, FAQ online helps and instructional designer.

You need to be a good writer, interview subject matter experts, be socialized and customer friendly. This will help you write for some big tech-companies in Fortune 500.

9. Online Tutor

Startup Equipment: Computer

Introverts can put their intelligence to exercise by becoming online tutors for clients, students and applicants as the case may be. You could share your expertise in writing applications, essays, and composition skills. Thanks to e-mails and Skype, you can interact and communicate with your clients, send messages and organize classes.

10. Music Teacher

Startup Equipment: Any Specific Musical Instruments

As a musician, Guitarist, saxophonist or even vocalist, you could share and market your expertise and skills and make money through it.
Simply with the aid of a classroom, musical instruments, you could organize private lessons, vocal classes and possibly grow it to a musical school.

This is an opportunity to teach upcoming musicians to become professionals. However, to make your business last, you need to develop strong relationships and bonds with your students. Make sure your students learn something from you all the time.

That’s it finally. There are many low-cost business ideas for Introverts. However, these will be all for now. Thanks. Drop your comments and feedback on the comment box below.

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