..Dedicated to everyone who still believes in the 4 letter word.

People believe that there is no such thing as perfect:The perfect life,perfect man,perfect woman,perfect day,perfect LOVE, well I use to believe that too until this day now I know that love can be perfect, when two imperfect people fall in love they make love perfect.
These were the thoughts going through my mind as my mum zipped my wedding dress.
“You look so beautiful Oma”she said with a teary smile.
“Thank you mum” I said as I hugged her,turning to my bridesmaids consisting of my three best friends Nkechi,Ada and Joy who were smiling and dabbing their faces gently to avoid smudging their makeup.
“Come on girls!!!,it’s my wedding day not my funeral” I joked urging them to stop being cry babies.
“Its just that we never believed you would be the first to go off the market”joy who was the talkative amongst us said.
“Duh!! Whatever”I replied with an eye roll,turning to look myself over once again in the mirror I recalled how I met the love of my life.
I was just getting over a breakup with my boyfriend of 3 and half years Kachi. We had woken up on a Sunday morning after a long night of love making and heart talks on marriage and kids and has even gone as far as choosing names for our kids only for him to go into the restroom and come out with a look of pity and guilt to announce that he was getting married the next weekend . How can I forget the ugly experience in a hurry 🤦‍♂ I remember rushing into the kitchen to get a knife and threatening to stab him if he didn’t leave my house that minute.

“Omachukwu”my father called,dragging me out from my thoughts.
“Daddy!!”I rushed to hug him.
“You don’t want to be like your mum do you?”he asked eyeing my mum playfully
“How? What did mum do?”I asked linking between them,surprised that I hadn’t heard of this story before since they always enjoyed sharing stories about their youthful days.
“She kept me waiting at the altar and I thought she wasn’t interested anymore”Dad said straightening his tux.
“In my defence” mum started “I was looking for the best powder
“In your days wasn’t it only white powder you people applied?” Ada asked making us laugh.
“Yes but I didn’t like Tony Montana,I wanted Stella powder”mum said defending herself.
“Don’t keep your groom waiting “ dad said, minutes later on our way out he whispered in my ears,”you’re the finest of them all.”
I watched as the cars moved and smiled to myself,who would have thought that a small town girl like me who all she had to her name was a degree in public health was getting married to the love of her life, the son of the state governor who also happened to be one of the richest entrepreneur in the country.
As the car kept moving my thoughts went back to how I met Elton.


It was 8months after my messy breakup,my family and close friends still looked out for me just in case I decided to do something stupid or try to kill myself. Researchers has it that it takes 21days for the brain to forget someone they lost but it was taking more than that plus I had just finished my NYSC and I was staying with my parents since I hadn’t secured a job yet and I wasn’t going out much to avoid running into Kachi so I settled to reading inspirational messages on social media which helped me a lot through the whole mess especially Facebook and It was at that time that I met Elton and we started chatting, our vibe matched so well as if we have known each other since kindergarten, we would talk deep into the night ,long meaniful conversations,he would call to check up on me. In a way in my heart he was only substituting for Kachi and a distraction from my heart break. We got to know more about each other,we knew everything about each other in just few days of so I thought.
On the day we finally decided to meet it happened to also be the day I would be picking up my appointment letter from the ministry of health. He was so happy for me when I broke the news to him so happy as if it was his sister who’s getting the appointment letter and that made me love him even more, so we decided to meet at a restaurant that was close to the ministry. At first I had cold feet about the meeting and almost cancelled on him if not for his insistence to see me. So on that day,I dressed in a peach gown that was a little above the knee,golden sandal heels and light makeup.I could still remember my parents comments that day.
“Is it just to collect your appointment letter or is there something else you are going for?”my mum asked me as I stepped into the living room, she was watching the TV with my younger brother Benji and my father.
“Aren’t you happy that she is she is even dressed up and going out?”my dad had asked her.
The joy of finally working got me smiling that I didn’t watch where I was heading to till I crashed into someone,I looked up to see a handsome young guy dressed in a simple blue jeans and a white polo top with a matching leather slippers, I still can’t forget the wonderful smell of the cologne he was wearing,
“Am sorry sir,I wasn’t looking where I was going”I apologized
“Its okay I should have watched where I was going too”he replied, something about the voice made me look up.It sounded much like Elton’s voice.
“Elton?”I called his name staring at him.
“Sorry do I know You?”he asked looking suspiciously at me.
“Oh my God Oma”!! He acclaimed
“Yes Its me Oma,your Facebook friend,we were supposed to meet later today”I explained.
“Wow Oma!!”he exclaimed pulling me into for a hug “you look more beautiful in person” he said as he held my hand and from there our discussions started.

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The car swerved through a pothole,pushing me to the other side of the limousine making NK my chief bridesmaid laugh at me. I rolled my eyes at her as I adjusted my veil.
“Don’t smudge your makeup oh” she warned knowing how clumsy I could be. It was my clumsiness that made me find out that Elton Godswill my husband to be is the son of our state governor Charles Obisike Godswill and CEO of central enterprises,one of the biggest import and export companies in the country.

On that fateful day as we were laughing and gisting he picked up my phone and had seen my screensaver which was a picture of Kachi and I,in my attempt to take it back from him I mistakenly hit his phone and it fell and smashed.
“Are you mad at me? You just don’t take anything serious” I snapped at him as bent to pick up his phone along with the complementary card that fell with it. ‘Elton Obisike Godswill- CEO Central enterprises’ it read and in that moment my life was turned upside down as reality checked in.Was that why he always dressed so simple with such sweet cologne?,why he hardly cared what I order or how much it cost?.
“What’s she thinking?” I heard my dad’s voice and turned to realize that the car has stopped and the door was open, I gave him my hand and he helped me out. ‘What a perfect day for a perfect wedding’ I thought as I remembered just how perfect the weather was the day Elton proposed to me.
I breathed out a nervous breathe as I climbed the stairs leading to the doors of the Anglican cathedral slowly to avoid tripping as I was too excited to meet the love of my life as he stood at the altar with his groomsmen waiting for me.
“Ready?”I heard Ada ask the bridal train and immediately they matched in and the little girls started spraying confetti and flowers on the floor-everything looked perfect.
Taking my father’s arm with head held high I matched into the hu
Church as the orchestra played “Here comes the bride” causing every head to turn in my direction but I didn’t notice anyone except Elton as he stood looking at me with tears in his eyes and a smile on his lips,I smiled back at him though undoubted he would see it through my veil.
At the altar my dad hugged me before handing me over to Elton who smiled at him. The hymns were sung and few speeches made and our vows exchanged and soon we were pronounced husband and wife. As we said our vows I noticed Kachi in the crowd as he dabbed his eyes,I heard he had gotten a divorce.
At the reception as we had our couples first dance Elton whispered to my ears “You look beautiful my Love”making me blush,he laughed and kissed me which happened to be our 567th kiss since we met but who’s counting right?
Love makes it all better,love is not painful,love restored all that you have lost,love brings joy and most importantly-peace of mind. Not all heart breaks is the end of the world it may be the opening of a new wonderful doorway to all your heart desires most times we focus blindly on the closed door not noticing the new better opened door waiting for us, give love a chance and yes there’s a perfect love and I’m a witness, you too can be a witness if you believe.

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