Lizzy Gold blows hard at trolls.

Nollywood actress, Lizzy Gold has made a video sending a stern warning towards the path of people who troll people on social media for no good reason.

This was after some people insulted her for her looks when she posted a picture of her showing off her back side. They insulted her for having a small backside and advised that she went for a butt surgery.

She revealed that about 70% of the guys and 5% of the ladies have become stupid for no reason.

She threatened that whosoever tries to troll her on her page again would be blocked. She also stated that these people who troll others for their looks are unfortunate and poor, because no sane and fortunate person would carry on the act of running others down. She added that these people are obviously frustrated and go about looking for who to pour their frustration on.

She blew hot as she registered her displeasures about this and sent the warning to them.

She concluded by advising young ladies to not be moved by trolls from strangers who can do absolutely nothing for them.

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