Life is a spoon: Media personality Charlyboy reflects over how his life has transitioned over the years.

Media personality Charlyboy has taken out time to reflect on his his life has transitioned and how he has changed over the years.

He recalled a time when he was going about impregnating women when his mates were in school and having 14 children and several grandchildren whom he knows nothing about their whereabout.

He also recalled going on a motorcycle for years to places as far as South Africa, thinking he would die and be buried with the motorcycle, but for the past five years he hasn’t been on a motorcycle.

Speaking about his hair, he mentioned that he began to keep dreadlocks thinking that would be the last hairstyle in his lifetime until his hairs began to fall off from his head and he resulted to cutting everything off till date.

He went on to talk about how he got married and divorced several times till he got married to a woman at 45 who he has been with for so many years.

He also spoke about how he used to be a lover of a woman’s bottom and would shiver at the sight of it, but he can no longer have an erection as a man at the moment.

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