LAUTECH Discovers Their Mia Khalifa

A female student of the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso has been named as the Mia Khalifa of the school as her sex tape is leaked. This video that has circulated involves her having sex with two men; oral and vaginal sex.

Watch here

The lady is been reportedly said to be a sex worker and that video was just her doing her normal job to make ends meet.

Social media users describe her as LAUTECH’s Mia Khalifa, a pornstar who makes money off having sex in front of a camera.

The two men and the lady have unprotected sex and this has been a cause of concern to people who have seen the video. They wonder why contracting sexually transmitted infections is of no importance to them.
Others wonder why grown men made a video of them with a lady having sex, instead of just having a good time together and keeping it off the camera.

Women have asked why she is the centre of attraction in the video where she is seen having sex with two men. They think it is unfair to the gender that the spotlight is on her when she wasn’t the only one caught in the act.

Concerned students of the university have come to say they’re tired of hearing their school trend for the wrong reasons, and plead with people to join them in making the school popular for worthy reasons.

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