Lagos Lady Drags The City in the Mud.

A certain lady who stays in Lagos, identified as Creme Chic on Twitter, has take to her Twitter page to pour out her mind and state her displeasure about Lagos and its residents.

She stated that Lagos is a dustbin because of the smell everywhere, even to the ‘high brow” areas.

In her words, ‘classy’ in Lagos simply man’s spending money on overpriced food.
She mentioned that Lagos artisans are not as good as they claim to be, as a ‘high-class’ fashion designer asked her to try out bespoke clothes made for her.

Lagos dispatch riders weren’t left out of the mud. She stated that they never make use of the given address, and would give your parcel to whoever is going your way without caring at all.

She didn’t leave out the customs officers who allegedly stole from her bags without tampering with the seals; and the Lagos drivers who are always blaring their horns and cussing other drivers out.

To top it all up, she stated clearly that ordering for local dishes at a restaurant in Lagos is better than wasting money on their intercontinental dishes or drinks because they do not know how to make them.

In her words, the only fun in Lagos is eating and fornicating, as that’s all there is to enjoy in the entire city.

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