Bisade Ologunde who goes by the stage name Lagbaja is a Nigerian music Legend. He was a household name in the late ‘90s/early 2000s although his music career started earlier. His music style is unique and so is his appearance on stage. He is known to perform in traditional wear similar to those worn by masquerades. His entire body is covered except for a few openings around the nose and mouth.

His music personality is built around mystery hence his stage name Lagbaja which literally translates to “Nobody’’. Lagbaja can also be translated to mean ‘Anonymous’ or ‘Faceless One’. He has never performed with his face open and this has made many people curious as to what he looks like. It is not surprising therefore that Lagbaja real face is a popular query on the internet.

A quick search of the internet will reveal several pictures purported to be showing the real face of Lagbaja. The pictures are disputed as some claim the pictures show someone else’s face. Well, there is no way to verify as only the man himself, his family or associates can set the records straight on that. You can trust that a man whose brand is built around anonymity could care less about that. Unless the man comes out to say otherwise, the pictures below show Lagbaja’s real face.

Lagbaja Real Face

Here are some pictures believed to show the legend’s face. Also, pictures of him in his performance outfit are shown as well.

Lagbaja Real Name

The real name of the man behind the mask as Lagbaja is Bisade Ologunde. He is a culturally grounded Yoruba man from Ijagbo in Kwara State. He is a descendant of Odogun’s compound in the town. For people that have been asking what is Lagbaja real name, his real name is Bisade Ologunde.


Lagbaja Real Age

Lagbaja was born in 1960, the same year the country became independent. This puts his age currently at 60.

Bisade Ologunde Biography (Lagbaja Biography)

Bisade Ologunde was born in 1960 in Lagos, Nigeria’s economic capital. He is originally from Ijagbo in Oyun Local Government Area of Kwara State. Not much is known about his early life but he was raised a Baptist. His late father was a Baptist Deacon during his lifetime.

He had a regular childhood like any normal Nigerian child growing up during his time. Then the country had only just gained independence and things were much better than they are now. Lagbaja is educated but it is unknown which schools he attended. However, he attended Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife for his tertiary education. So much about the man is hidden from public knowledge to help keep his identity hidden.

No doubt he has achieved success as a musician and will go down in history as one of the legends of Nigerian music.                 The music legend now lives in Manhattan, New York, USA with his family.

Lagbaja Parents

His father is late Deacon D.A Ologunde. He died in 2012. He was a retired civil servant in the employment of Kwara State. His father served in the cabinet of the first military administrator of Kwara State, Col. David Bamigboye. No information is available publicly on the identity of his mother.

Lagbaja Wife

Lagbaja is certainly married with kids but you won’t find pictures of his wife on the internet. The identity of his wife is not public knowledge so those looking for Lagbaja wife pictures, unfortunately, won’t find any. You would not find much about his children also. Little is known about of his daughters named Moyosade.


Moyosade got married at Motherlan’ in Opebi, Lagos in 2013. She married Olamide Obilana. Lagbaja himself was in attendance at the ceremony without his mask but guests were barred from taking pictures. Moyosade is said to be a change management specialist at a US firm. She graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a Master’s in Business Administration.

Lagbaja Music Career

Lagbaja found fame through music. He is known for his unique music and dress styles. His music career started in the early 90s. Lagbaja’s choice music instrument is the saxophone which he learnt on his own. After mastering the saxophone, he formed his first small band in 1991 in Lagos.

The band played regularly at the Sea Garden venue in Lagos. Their style of music drew inspiration from highlife music of the 60s as well as western jazz. Percussion instruments like talking drums and congas featured prominently in their songs. After performing at the Sea Garden for a while, the band had built enough local support and was getting booking at the French Institute. In 1992, the band released its first album titled The Colours of Rhythm.

He released more works after but he became very famous when he released the double album We and Me in 2000. The album was highly critical of Nigerian politicians and demanded honesty from them. It also called for brotherhood and unity in the country. He took the vocals of the songs himself backed by Ego Ihenacho. The success of that album encouraged him to produce more and his songs were greatly accepted by fans during the period.

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Lagbaja Discography

Ikira (1993)

Lagbaja (1993)

Cest Un African Thing (1996)

Me (2000)

We (2000)

We and Me Part II (2000)

ABAMI (2000)

Africano…the mother of groove (2005)

Paradise (2009)

Sharp Sharp (2009)

200 Million Mumu (The Bitter Truth) (2012)

Popular Lagbaja Songs

Konko Below (We, 2000)

Never Far Away

Gra Gra (We, 2000)


Suuru Lere (We, 2000)

Feyin E (We, 2000)

Simple Yes or No (We, 2000)

Nothing For You (We, 2000)

Baby Tani Ko Fe Wa



Vernacular (We, 2000)


Best Male Video at the 2006 Channel O Music Video Awards for “Never Far Away”

Lagbaja Net Worth

No reliable estimate of his net worth is available for now. He certainly has profited a lot from his music career so far. He is one of the longest-serving brand ambassadors of Glo, Nigeria’s indigenous telecoms company. There is absolutely no doubt that Lagbaja is worth a fortune. 

Conclusion (Lagbaja Real Face)

That’s all about the music legend called Lagbaja. His unique style of music and dressing helped him stand out from his contemporaries. His music still resonates with many till date.

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