Lady shares surprising news about celestial friend.

A lady who identified as Tifemi took to her Twitter account last night to share a news which people received with shock and surprise.
She announced that her friend who is supposed to be starting her final exams today went to church to pray and fell into a trance which would last for seven days.

This news has raised a lot of reactions. So many people laughed, saying the holy Spirit has endorsed an extra year for her. Some ohers think she just doesn’t want to write the exams, and that is the reason for her falling into a trance.
On the other hand, some people have stated that she wouldn’t fail the exams despite not writing them.

People brought some unbelievable stories forward as regards people falling into a trance.
Some narrated their experience of trance, revealing that the holy spirit went in form of their body and wrote the exams for them, which they passed. Others claimed they know of people who have tasted of this same miracle.

However, a particular man also narrated the story of his coursemate who fell into a trance, as a result of someone singing, while they were reading overnight for an exam which was supposed to hold the next day. He stated that this made her get an extra year, as a result of her unavailability to write the exam.


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