Lady Recounts How She Ate Three Baby Placentas.

A lady identified as The Mo, who is a lawyer and a writer, has confessed something very strange to the public on Twitter.
This is following a conversation about placentas and how they are disposed of by the parents at birth.
After hearing every other conventional mode of disposal, someone made mention of eating the placenta.
This came as a shocker to everyone, then this lady moved on to recount her own experience.

She referred to placentas as the sweetest meat she has ever had till date. In her words “placentas bang hard sha. I keep saying this. I don’t know what makes it sweet but it’s the sweetest meat I’ve consumed till date”

She stated that it is not a strange thing to do. This is because she has eaten it, in fact, she has eaten three placentas from three babies.

When asked why she kept going back to eat them, she said she liked it the first time and would always look forward till when she had new nieces and nephews, so she could partake in eating their placenta.

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