Konga narrates how he was robbed after having an accident.

Nigerian singer, Konga has taken to his Instagram page to narrate about how he was robbed after having a fatal accident.
He began by stating that the incident happened on November 13, 2021 at about 2am. He went to have his hair cut before Chisco bus stop and also stop by at his fellow singer, Tclassic’s birthday.

He explained that on his way home, he lost control of the steering wheel of his car and was trying to manage the situation when his car tumbled after a canal and crashed at the other side of the road. He hurriedly got out of the car and realized that his head was bleeding. Shortly, he saw a group of four guys who cake to steal his shoes and his clothes which he intended to wear for a shoot in the morning.

He shouted for help, and while at this they realized he had some money, an iWatch and iPhone 11 X ProMax with him and they proceeded to rob him of these. He tried to escape from them by running, but they chased him, held him down, beat him up and also stabbed him.This time, their number already increased to six.

He stated that he woke up at a police station where a good Samaritan was begging the police to offer a police report. Next, he was on a motorcycle begging the rider to not let him die.

Later on, a guy woke him up again in the hospital to say that the doctors are demanding some payment before they can treat him and he had already given them the last N3,500 with him. He borrowed a phone to access his bank account and realized that his account has been cleared of every penny.

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He concluded by stating that he normally wouldn’t bring things like this to the internet but he put it out for others to beware.

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