Kim Kardashian Files For A Divorce.

The reality TV star, Kim Kardashian who has been married to Kanye West for six years has filed for a divorce.
She is ending the relationship because of differences that she doesn’t think can be sorted.
Sources reveal that the couple have been living separately for months, and they have been putting up with each other simply for the children.

The 40-year old TV star has always kept order in her family and on social media whenever Kanye’s mental and emotional issues come out in the open.

Few months ago, pictures of them at a parking lot surfaced. They were in the heat of an argument. This further goes to show that the couple were having a hard time putting up with each other for a while after six years of holy matrimony.

Kim Kardashian, alongside filing for divorce, has also requested for custody of their children. She bore him four children, who are the reason she stayed longer in the marriage.

Recall her 40th birthday in October, 2020, when Kanye got her the best gift ever, a hologram of her father which she and her family sat and watched for hours.
This goes to show that Kanye is a thoughtful husband, but being thoughtful with gifts is obviously not everything for Kim, so she quit.

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