Juliana Olayode makes public her issues with her spiritual father.

Nollywood actress, Juliana Olayode has broken the silence over the issues she has with her spiritual father, Timilehin Adigun who is a pastor and the assistant director of Yeshua High School in Lagos.

She explained that she has always been loyal to this man and she had always trusted his decisions which usually turned out bad. She also revealed that the reason she has been off social media for a while is because her accounts were hacked by this same man who said he cared about her.

She narrated how she has been trying to retrieve all her passwords, which include the ones for her Okada books, her song on notjustokay.com, her Facebook passwords, etc from him but he has refused. She then decided to go to his church since he refused to pick her calls and all he did was scream and ask the security the throw she and her sisters out.

She made this revelation in videos which he put up on her Instagram page after retrieving it through a tech guy who also explained to her that Timilehin unpublished her Facebook page. She was in tears as she narrated these things. She also added that the man of God had sexually assaulted her sister which he totally denied.

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