Journalists interview Uduak Akpan.

Following the most recent and trending alleged murder case which Nigerians on the internet have been trying to investigate, and which the police have also been on, there has been a lot of developments.

Recently, a video of journalists interviewing Uduak Akpan, the alleged killer of Iniobong Umoren, has surfaced online, and has had so many Nigerians gnashing their teeth as to how the laws in Nigeria are so weak.

In this video, journalists are seen asking the accused about what ensued on the day when Iniobong Umoren was killed. He explained that he invited her for as job interview to work as a secretary in a farm where hard drugs are kept. He added that she agreed, and upon getting to where he was, he revealed to her that there was no farm anywhere, and he only used that to lure her to come.
In his words, he used reverse psychology on her and she agreed to have sex with him on the condition that he used a condom.
He stated that he tried to remove the condom, then she began to scream and used a nearby stabilizer to hit his forehead, and he began to bleed.
Then she tried to reach for the door, and he used the stabilizer to hit her. She fell and began to bleed, and according to him, she died in the process.

This story doesn’t seem to add up because in this video, Uduak has no injury on his forehead to indicate that she hit him.

More details shortly.

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