IPOB declares war on the Nigerian government.

The Indigenous People of Biafra has sent a message to the Nigerian government, declaring war against it and the military.

This is following the unpleasant news of suspected military men storming Orlu in Imo state with armour tanks and helicopters.

They have vowed to protect themselves from every intruder, just as the minister of defence asked. In his words “defend yourself against the bandits”.
Just like the minister of finance suggested, the people of Biafra have put it upon themselves to secure the east.
They would not allow their forests to be taken over by the Fulani bandits disguising as Nigerian soldiers.

Residents of Orlu have reported that the place is indeed like a warzone, as war helicopters hover around the place all day and men of the military have invaded their land.
They are scared and hope that someone will come to their aid. They hope that the Orlu massacre doesn’t repeat itself again.

Nigerians are in panic as the security situation has deteriorated totally, to the extent that the minister of finance had to ask Nigerians to defend themselves against armed bandits.

Emotions are high, fingers crossed, and we all hope peace eventually returns to Orlu and every other part of Nigeria.


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