Insecurity: Nollywood actor robbed at gunpoint.

Nollywood actor, Salami Rotimi, has narrated how he was robbed at gunpoint at Mile 2, Lagos.

This is following the frequent account of robberies that have been recorded by several Nigerians on various roads across Lagos, especially at night, when traffic is at its worst.

He stated that he was with his brother in the car, between trailers in a stand still traffic.
The robbers broke his car glass with a gun when he refused to roll down the glass.
They asked that he gave them the phones in the car, but he was sluggish while doing this. So the robbers could only get one of the phones before good Samaritans came and chased the robbers off his car. These robbers fled using a bike which was on standby across the road.
He added that he wasn’t hurt by the robbers.

Also, he has instructed people to reach him personally on phone before carrying out any business transactions with him, because the robbers are capable of doing anything with his phone which was taken away. He also added that no one should reply to any message from the WhatsApp number, 08051104332.

These cases of robberies in traffic is slowly becoming a norm in Lagos, and we only hope that the Lagos government looks into it and nips the problem in the bud.

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