“If You’re of Age, Don’t Abort Your Babies”, Nollywood Actress Advises.

Nollywood actress, Uche Ogbodo, has shared a piece of advice to her fellow women. She did this in a video she posted on her Instagram page.

She declared her disinterest in marriage, as she has seen proof that the institution does nothing but harm to women.
She made her point by stating that a lady she has always known to be pretty isn’t as pretty anymore, simply because she is married. In her word, she now looks ” haggard, old and ugly”. According to her, “what’s the point!”

She further implores women to not abort their babies simply because they are not married. She has advised them to keep their babies if they are of age and can afford it. They shouldn’t consider an abortion simply because a man hasn’t put a ring on their finger.
In her words, “if marriage come, marry o, if not, raise your children nau”

In a nutshell, she has asked women to not see marriage as the end or the yardstick for being a woman.
She made an example with herself, she is a single mother and she is doing fine.

She implored women to do better and not let their lives revolve around marriage.

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