“I cannot fight with you, I see you as an elder”, James Brown tells Bobrisky.

Popular dancer and comedian, James Brown has come out to tell Bobrisky publicly that he has nothing against her.
He explained this in a video where he talked about Bobrisky reaching out to him, only for it to result in death threats.
He said the transgender woman has threatened him in recent times to stop copying her content.
James Brown who is known to sometimes dress like a lady has stated that he is not a cross dresser and can never be one.
He added that he is a man with male genitals and he still performs with his organs.

James Brown says in his viral video that he didn’t beg Bobrisky for the one hundred thousand naira she sent to him. He said that Bobrisky claimed to like his boldness and composure and sent him the money.
He also announced that Bobrisky wasn’t the only person who sent him money, several other people did.

James Brown in this video reiterates that he has so much respect for Bobrisky and cannot fight with him.
He politely tells Bobrisky that he is in no way copying him neither is he a cross dresser.

He added that he is ready for whatever Bobrisky decides to bring if she decides to not get off his back.

Watch the video here.

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