“I am not a ritualist”, Yul Edochie warns.

Actor, Yul Edochie, the son of veteran actor, Pete Edochie, has stated clearly that he is not a ritualist.
The actor who is known for acting roles in movies where he is a ritualist, has been taken for a real life money ritualist by fans.

Yul stated in an Instagram post that he is tired of getting unsolicited messages from young men asking him to show them the “way” and connect them with whoever is carrying out the money rituals for him.
He stated clearly in this post that he is only a good actor and doesn’t have his hands in any forms of ritual.

He pleaded with these people to stop seeing him and referring to him as a ritualist because he only acts these roles to get paid.
He added that these scenes in the movies are merely storylines and do not happen in real life.

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