It is possible that you have a lot of airtime on your MTN line and would love to share with your friends and loved ones. It may be that a friend is in urgent need of airtime and needs you to send some their way and since you have enough airtime on your own MTN line, you can easily share with them.

In this post, a step by step guide on how to transfer airtime from one MTN line to another is provided. The service is popularly known as MTN Share ‘N’ Sell or Me2u and is available to all subscribers on the MTN network.

It is easy to use and secure as a secret PIN known to you alone or anyone you choose to share with is required to facilitate any transfer. Before sharing airtime from your MTN line for the first time, you would be required to change the default PIN assigned to your number to a secret 4-digit PIN of your choosing.

How To Change Your Default PIN For Airtime Transfers

The default PIN assigned to all MTN numbers for airtime transfer is 0000. There are two methods for changing this default PIN.
The first method is to send an SMS containing the Default PIN New PIN New PIN to 777. For example, if you want to change your PIN to 1234, you will send a text containing 0000 1234 1234 to 777.

The second method is through the USSD service. Simply dial and send the following 600default PINNew PIN New PIN#. For example, if the PIN you want to change to is 1234, all you will do is dial 600000012341234#.


How To Transfer Credit from MTN Line

Once successful, you will be notified that your PIN has been changed. The new PIN will then be required when initiating airtime transfer from your line.

Now that your PIN has been changed successfully, you can now begin to transfer airtime to your loved ones and friends. There are two ways by which you can share airtime on the MTN network.

How To Transfer Airtime Using Sms On MTN Network

The first method is through SMS. You will send an SMS in this format to 777: Transfer Recipient’s Number Amount PIN to 777. For example, if you want to transfer N500 airtime to a friend, whose number is 08061234567 and your PIN is 1234, you will compose the message like this: Transfer 08061234567 500 1234 and send to 777.

After sending the SMS to the designated number, you will receive a text message notifying you that you have initiated a credit transfer. The message will also ask you to either confirm the transfer or cancel it. To confirm, simply send an SMS containing Yes to 777.

How To Transfer Airtime from an MTN Number With USSD Code.

The second method of transferring airtime on the MTN network is through USSD service. Apart from the above method, there is a USSD service for transferring airtime to other users on the MTN network. To share airtime via this option, simply dial 600Recipient’s NumberAmountPIN# on your phone.

For example, if you wish to share N200 airtime with your friend whose number is 08030123654, and your transfer pin is 1234, you will dial the following on your phone and send:
6000803012336542001234#. Once the transfer is successful, you will get a message notifying you to that effect.


Please note that airtime transfers are not free. A transfer fee is charged depending on the amount of airtime transferred. You will be notified of the amount to be charged as transfer fee once you initiate the transfer. Only if you choose to proceed will the transfer be carried out and the fee deducted. Below is a break down of the fee charged on credit transfers made on the MTN network currently.

  • If you transfer between ₦1-₦100, ₦3 is charged as fee
  • From ₦101-500, ₦5 is charged as fee
  • Transfers between ₦501-₦1000 attract ₦10 transfer fee
  • Likewise, transfers between ₦1001-₦5000, also attract ₦10 transfer fee.

It is important to state that airtime transfers can only be made in Naira amounts but not in kobo. This means that you can only transfer round figures like ₦55, ₦72 etc. but not ₦55.60, ₦72.89.

Postpaid customers on the MTN network can only transfer airtime from their mobile account if they have a positive balance. If your account is in the negative, the transfer will not be successful. Likewise, if you do not have enough airtime on your line to cover the transfer amount and the transfer fee, the transaction will be terminated. You will receive an error message notifying you of the failure of the transfer in this case.


This article has explained in detail all you need to know about how to transfer airtime on MTN.

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