Airtel is one of the leading telecoms operators in Nigeria. The network has good coverage, offering its services to residents of the entire 36 states of the federation and the FCT. One of the features offered by this service provider is the auto-renewal feature. This feature automatically renews a subscriber’s data subscription once the current one expires. This can lead to unexpected airtime deduction as you may not have plans of renewing your data plan at that point. To guard against this, some subscribers prefer to manually subscribe for data plans every time they need to do so. The focus of this post is to enlighten you on how to stop auto renewal on the Airtel network. Below are some of the ways you can stop auto renewal on the Airtel network.

How to Stop Auto Renewal on Airtel

To opt-out of auto renewal on Airtel network, send “STOP” to 141. You will receive a confirmation message that auto-renewal has been stopped on your data plan. This way you can cancel auto renewal on all data plans that you subscribed to on your Airtel line. You can also send “STOPAUTORENEW” to 440 and the auto-renew feature will also be turned off.

Another way to stop auto renewal on the Airtel network is to reach out to the service provided via its dedicated customer service Twitter account. Simply log on to your Twitter account via your mobile browser or the twitter app. Search for @airtel_care and send them a DM. Make sure you include your mobile number and the data plan you want to stop auto renewal for in your message. You can send a message in this format “Hello, kindly help to cancel auto-renewal of WhatsApp weekly sub on my line, 08021234567”. You will later receive confirmation from the handle that your request has been processed.


Another way you can cancel auto-renewal on your line is to call the Customer Care Line on 111 and supply the required details.

Here is how you can stop auto renewal on other top mobile networks in Nigeria.

How To Stop Auto Renewal On 9mobile

Dial *299*0# to stop auto renewal on 9mobile. You can also text “STOP” to 229 and the same result will be achieved.

How To Stop Auto Renewal On Glo

To cancel auto renewal on the Glo network, simply text “CANCEL” to 127. The auto renewal feature will be turned off for your line.

How To Stop Auto Renewal On Mtn

To stop auto renewal on MTN network, you will text NO followed by the code for the data plan you want to stop auto renewal for. Codes for all MTN data plans are provided below.

Daily plans:         50MB for ₦100 (text “NO104” to 131)

          150MB for ₦200 (text “NO113” to 131).

Weekly plans:      150MB for ₦300 (text “NO102” to 131)

500MB plus 250mb bonus for night browsing for ₦500 (text “NO103” to 131).

Monthly plans:    1GB (+500 bonus MB) for ₦1000 (text “NO106” to 131)

                   2,5GB (+1 bonus GB) for ₦2000 (text “NO110” to 131)

5GB for ₦3,500 (text “NO107” to 131)

10GB for ₦5,000 (text “NO116” to 131)

22GB for ₦10,000 (text “NO117” to 131)

60 days plan:       50GB for ₦20,000 (text “NO118” to 131).

Quarterly plan (90 days):      85GB for ₦50,000 (text “NO133” to 131).

Once you sent the code for the plan you intend to stop from automatically renewing to 131, the auto renewal of that plan will be stopped.


An alternative method of stopping auto renewal on MTN is to dial *123*5#. You will be presented with a list of options. Type 1 in the text box provided to view your active services. You will be presented with a list of active services on your line. Type the serial number of the active service you want to stop from auto-renewing in the text box. Then, follow the instructions on your screen to stop the auto-renewal.

Now you know how to stop auto renewal on Airtel and other mobile networks in Nigeria.

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