Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation is home to over 300 officially recognized tribes with well over 250 indigenous languages spoken in the country. The multi-ethnic setup of the country comes with numerous advantages and disadvantages as well.

Although the English Language is the official language of Nigeria, the majority of the population can hardly speak good English. Most conversations are held in one of the numerous indigenous languages or pidgin, a watered-down variety of English.

In this article, we discuss greeting in some of the popular indigenous Nigerian languages, with emphasis on how to say good morning in Yoruba.

How To Say Good Morning In Yoruba

Good morning in Yoruba is Ẹ kaaro. So when a Yoruba person greets you Ẹ Kaaro, it simply means good morning.

Other Common Yoruba Phrases/Greetings

Ẹ kasan means Good afternoon

Ẹ kaalẹ means Good evening

O da aarọ means Goodnight

O dabọ means Goodbye

Ẹ ku abọ means Welcome

Ẹ n lẹ is a way of saying Hello in Yoruba

Ṣe daadaa ni o wa? This means How are you?. The appropriate response to this in Yoruba will be “Mo wa daadaa, o ̣se”. This means I’m fine, thanks.

O to ọjọ mẹta o means It’s been a while in English

Ki ni orukọ rẹ? This is a question asking What is your name?

Nibo ni o ti wa? This means Where are you from?       

Bẹẹ ni means Yes

Bẹẹ kọ/ Rara means No

Boya means Maybe

N ko mo/ MI o mo means I don’t know or I have no idea

Ṣé ó yé ọ? This means do you understand?

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O ye mi means I understand. I don’t understand is ko ye mi.

E se means Thanks/Thank you

Elo ni eyi? Means how much is this?

Pẹlẹ means Sorry

Aaro re so mi means I miss you

Mo nifẹẹ rẹ means I love you

Fi mi silẹ means Leave me alone.

Ẹ gba mi o! Means Help!

How To Say Good Morning In Hausa

To greet good morning in Hausa, you can say Ina kwana or Barka da Asuba. The other party will reply lafiya lau

Other common Phrases/Greetings In Hausa

Hi— Sannu

Good afternoon— Barka da Rana

Good evening—Barka da Yamma

Welcome—Sannu da zuwa!

How are you?— Yaya kake? Used for someone you are very familiar with, a more polite way of saying how are you in Hausa is Yaya kuke?

What’s up?— Yaya dai?

I’m fine, thank you— Kalau, na gode!

Good—Mai kyau

Bad—Mummuna or Ba kyau

Happy—Farin ciki or Jin Dadi

Sad— Bakin ciki

Thank you—Na gode

Good night—Sai da safe!

See you later—Sai an jima!

How To Say Good morning In Igbo

Good morning in Igbo language is Ụtụtụ ọma.

Other Common Phrases/Greetings In Igbo Language


Dalụ—Thanks/Thank you


How are you?—Kedụ?, Response will be Ọ di mụ mma

What’s your name?—Kedu aha gị?

Good afternoon—Ehihie ọma. Reply to this greeting is Ndewo

Good evening—Mgbede ọma. Reply to this greeting is Ndewo

Good night—Ka chi fo

Goodbye—Ka omesia

Good luck—Ihe oma diri

Have a nice day—Daalụ nwee ọmarịcha ụbọchị!

Please speak more slowly—Biko, jiri nwayo kwuo okwu

Excuse me—Biko, chetu

How much is this?—Ego ole ka ihe a di?


Sorry —Ndo


Thank you—Ịmela; dalụ. Response to thank you will be Ndewo

I miss you—Agụụ gị na-agụ m

I love you—A hụrụ m gị n’anya

Get well soon—Gbakee ngwa ngwa

Go away!—Puo n’ebe a!

Leave me alone!—Hafum aka!

How To Say Hello In Some Nigerian Languages

If you want to say hello to a Nigerian in his/her local dialect, here is how to say hello in 15 of Nigeria’s numerous indigenous languages.

  1. Sannu / Salama Aleikum – Hausa

To say hello to an Hausa man or woman, simply say Sannu or Salam Aleikum.

  • Kedu – Igbo

Kedu is the igbo way of saying hello.

  • Bawo ni/ E nle/ E pele – Yoruba

Bawo ni, E nle, E pele all loosely translate to saying hello in Yoruba although they have their own meanings.

4.  Ndala Kpe idi – Ogba (Rivers)

5. Kóyo – Benin

The Benin people are found in Edo state. Kóyo in the Bini language means hello. 6. Mavo – Urhobo

The Urhobo people are also found in the Niger-Delta region of Nigeria where most of the country’s oil is gotten. Hello in their language is Mavo.

7. Me digwa – Isoko

In the language of the Isoko’s, me digwa means hello.

8. Shòù – Izere (Plateau)

9. Abole – Benue

10. Ibaatẹ – Kalabiri

Hello in the language of the kalabiri people is Ibaatẹ.

11. Mesiere/ Abadie – Efik/Ibibio

The Efik/Ibibio people are found in the South-South region of Nigeria. Saying hello in their language is Mesiere/ Abadie.

12. Ushé-ushé – Kanuri (Bornu)

The Kanuri people are predominantly found in Borno state in Northern Nigeria. Hello in their language is Ushé-ushé.

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13. Agba – Kogi

There are many ethnic groups in Kogi state but if you say Agba to a Kogi person, they will understand you are saying hello.

14. Ado – Ijaw

The Ijaw people are found in the oil rich south-south region of Nigeria. Hello in Ijaw language is Ado.

15. Ere Owuro – Itsekiri

To say hello in Itsekiri language, simply say Ere Owuro.


Some useful phrases and greetings in some popular indigenous Nigerian languages have been provided in this post. These greetings/phrases may come in handy when next you converse with someone from a different tribe to yours if you are a Nigerian. Foreigners may also find them useful when trying to bond with locals when visiting the country.

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