The MTN Pulse tariff plan is an exciting plan that offers cheap call rates and data to subscribers on the MTN network. The plan is designed specifically with the youth in mind. The major highlight of the tariff plan is the night plan that offers very cheap data between the hours of 12 am and 5 am. This will surely excite young people especially those in higher institutions who need huge data volume for their work. Details of how to migrate to MTN pulse tariff plan are provided below.

MTN Pulse Tariff Plan

The Pulse plan is a prepaid tariff plan with many exciting benefits. Calls are charged at a flat rate 11 kobo/sec after the first 60 secs each day. The call rate for the first 60 secs daily is 25kobo/sec. Apart from cheap call rate, the plan allows offers cheap data. Subscribers on the MTN Pulse plan can enjoy weekly 1.5GB data at N500 and 750MB at N300 only. The plan also includes NightLife bundles that allow subscribers to browse and enjoy up to 500MB through the night for N50. Sms are charged at N4 per SMS, music streaming at N10 per day, as well as social plans like GoodyBag and InstaBinge Bundles that allow you up to date with happening across different social media.

How to Migrate to MTN Pulse

Migrating to MTN Pulse is quite easy. To activate MTN Pulse tariff plan on your line, simply dial *406#. You will be presented with a list of options. Select option 1, Migrate to MTN Pulse. To select this option, simply enter 1 in the box provided at the bottom of your screen and send. You will get a response asking you to confirm your migration to the Pulse plan. The new page will display some of the benefits of the Pulse plan and also give you the option to proceed with the migration. Again, enter 1 in the text box at the bottom of your screen and send. You will receive a text immediately welcoming you to the MTN Pulse tariff plan.


Cost of Migrating to MTN Pulse

You may be wondering how much it costs to migrate to MTN Pulse, migrating to MTN pulse is free if you have not changed your tariff plan within the past 30 days. If you have recently changed your tariff plan, a fee of N100 will be charged. To migrate to MTN Pulse without paying N100, simply ensure you have not changed your tariff plan within the past 30 days. Now that you know how to migrate to MTN Pulse and the cost of migrating, here is how to enjoy the benefits of MTN Pulse plan.

How to Subscribe to MTN Pulse Night Plan

NightLife is a unique offering available only on the MTN Pulse plan. NightLife allows subscribers to enjoy all night browsing at a very cheap fee. Subscribers can enjoy 250MB data for just N25 and N500MB data for just #50 between the hours of 12 am and 5 am every day. Subscribers are allowed to purchase multiple-night plans but a fair usage policy of 500MB applies. This means that you cannot purchase more than 500MB NightLife data every night. To activate NightLife data plans, dial *406# and select option 4. You will get a response with the options to either purchase the 250MB N25 plan or the 500MB N50 plan. To check the balance of your NightLife data plan, dial *406# and select option 4. On the new page, which is also the page where you buy NightLife data, enter 3 into the text box provided to check your NightLife data balance.


How to Subscribe to MTN Pulse Weekly Data Plan

The Pulse tariff plan also includes weekly cheap data plans that are available only on the plan. There is the 1.5GB for N500 option and the 750GB for N300 option. To subscribe for MTN Pulse weekly data plans, *406#. To purchase the N500 plan, select option 2 while for the N300 plan, select option 7. Your account will be duly charged and you will receive confirmation of your purchase. You can check your Pulse weekly data plan balance by sending 2 to 131 or dialling *131*4#.

How to Subscribe to MTN Music+

MTN Music+ is a music streaming platform where music lovers can enjoy unlimited streaming of latest and exclusive songs daily for a fee of N10 per day. To opt-in for MTN Music+, dial *406# and select option 3. You will be taken to a new page where you will confirm your selection by entering 1 in the text box. Alternatively, you can text M to 131 to join MTN Music+. Remember that it costs N10 per day.

How to Subscribe to MTN Pulse InstaBinge Bundles

MTN InstaBinge bundles offer cheap data to users of the popular social media platform, Instagram. The InstaBinge bundles are 250MB for N100 and 1GB for N200 plans. You can subscribe for any of these bundles by dialling *406#. Select option 5 and send. After that, you will be given three options to select from. Option 1 is the 250MB for N100 bundle, option 2 is the 1GB for N200 bundle while option 3 allows you to check the balance of your InstaBinge bundle.

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How to Subscribe to MTN GoodyBag Social Bundles

MTN GoodyBag was created to offer cheap data plans to subscribers across different social media platforms. Inside the Goodybag are cheap data plans for 2go, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, WeChat, Eskimi, All Social Bundles, YouTube & Instagram, and Opera Mini & News. Dial *406# and then select option 5 to enter the goodybag page. Proceed to select a social media plan and confirm your choice. The plans are available as daily, weekly, and monthly plans. Daily plans cost N25, weekly plans cost N50 while monthly plans cost N150.

Now that you know how to migrate to MTN Pulse tariff plan, why don’t you opt-in to enjoy the numerous benefits of one of the bests tariff plans on the MTN network.

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