MTN Beta Talk is one of the best prepaid tariff plans on the MTN network. It offers subscribers more talk time and is a great choice for people that make a lot of calls. You get up to 3x the value of your recharge on this tariff plan. There are other benefits you can enjoy on this plan apart from airtime bonuses. Continue reading to learn how you can migrate to MTN Beta Talk.

MTN Beta Talk Tariff Plan

The Beta Talk Plan offers huge airtime bonus to subscribers on every recharge they make. This allows them to talk for a longer time. When you recharge 100 or more on this tariff plan, you will be given an additional 250% of your recharge as bonus airtime. For recharges less than N100, the subscriber gets a 150% bonus. Other benefits of MTN Beta Talk include 35MB at N50, 250MB at N200, and Free N10MB on the first recharge of every month.

How to Migrate to MTN Beta Talk

Migrating to MTN Beta Talk is very easy. Simply dial the following code on your phone *123*2*1#. Alternatively, you can text BT to 131. Either option will migrate your line to MTN Beta Talk and you will receive a confirmation message welcoming you to MTN Beta Talk prepaid plan. Once you receive the text, you have successfully activated better talk on your line.

Cost of Migrating to MTN Beta Talk

You may be wondering how much does it cost to migrate to MTN Beta Talk, the migration is completely free if you have not changed your tariff plan within the last 30 days. If you have recently changed your tariff plan, then you will be charged N100 to migrate to MTN Beta Talk.


Benefits of MTN Beta Talk

The following are MTN Beta Talk benefits that a subscriber on the plan gets to enjoy.

  1. 250% airtime bonus on airtime recharges of N100 and above.
  2. 150% airtime bonus on airtime recharges of less than N100.
  3. 35MB data at N50.
  4. 250MB at N200.
  5. Bonus data of 10MB on your first recharge every month.

How to Check MTN Beta Talk Bonus Balance

To check your bonus airtime balance on the Beta Talk plan, simply dial *559*43#. Your Beta Talk airtime bonus balance will be displayed. For bonus data balance, dial *131*4#.

Now you know how to migrate to MTN Beta Talk prepaid plan. The plan is best for people that make a lot of calls. If you think this plan suits you, don’t hesitate to dial the required code and make the move today!

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