How to Make Money From Photography

I have found out that the money I most enjoy is the one I earned by myself. When you discover how to make money from photography, you channel your energy and resources in that direction. You only get the best out of life when you have a particular goal and direction you want to achieve.

Looking at today’s professional photographers, you notice that most of them have found out how to make money from photography. They started by developing a passion for photography, most of them started it as a hobby.

Teens and young adult are speedily getting themselves involved in the world of photography. They have quickly saved up some money to get their first digital camera or point and shoot. As a young photographer, you’ve seen yourself gradually developing and stepping up, doing some mini jobs and looking for how to make money from photography.

One major worry for you is whether to take photography up on a full-time basis, you are wondering if you will succeed in photography. I challenge you to take a look at today’s professional photographers. Consider the amount of money they are making daily then you come to know that photography has improved greatly.

The basic things to know on how to make money from photography is hard work and self-development. There is nothing more worthwhile and better than when you are making money and living on a job you love. It tends to give you joy while you are doing it, and in turn spurring you up to do more and put in your best.

Photography is quite creative and lucrative. There are many opportunities and ways to make money from photography. As one tired of your freelance work, you need to discover ways and how to make money from photography.


This article  explores opportunities in photography that explains how to make money from photography.

1. Stocking your Photographs:

As a photographer, you probably have a collection of your shoots you’ve been saving over the years on your computer and possibly exposing them to the world on the social media.

Why waste such an important opportunity. Take up those photos, save them and license it. Get a copyright for them and sell them. You could also take your photo albums and collections to stock sites where you are paid for these photos. There are many good stock sites out there where you can sell some of your photos. All it requires is visiting them and signing up with them to see their offers.

2. Blogs and Websites:

This is an attractive avenue for most beginners and also professionals. With this, you have the opportunity to research and offer educational tips and services, provide guidelines and review for certain products in photography to the world.

Many people have become successful and wealthy through blogging. You can use the search engines to check out successful websites and blogs around, visit them and get inspired.

With the help of Google ads, ebooks, and sponsored contents, you can make some money. You can also educate people, give out reviews on one camera gear or another and even share video tutorials through YouTube channels.
All these require you to be a writer first, getting up articles to your site. You would also need to market, advertise and draw traffic to your site.


3. Organize Photo-shoots:

There are many ways you could achieve this. This is what most outdoor photographers do, attracting clients and families who go out for an outing, and go to special locations and working as photographers for them.
Others get a studio, offering photo shoot sessions and studio sessions to their clients. This is quite attractive and can become a huge business if organized and run very well.

One essential skill to have is to be an outgoing and people person, reaching out to people and attracting clients. You could even go a step further by owning a website and social media and sharing some of your work there. You could use them as a means to market yourself.

There is also the option where you could also work in hand with local organizations, businesses and restaurants, hospital, and clubs, offering to do some sessions for free or at a fair price. You will have to use this opportunity to share out fliers, give out discounts for your services and let clients know what you do.

4. Competition:

As a skilled photographer, you can join an online community that organizes competition; photo competitions and gives your best. You could be the winner and also it offers you an opportunity to know your best level of experience you’ve attained and the more you need to do. You also see other colleagues of yours to share ideas with.

5. Become a Wedding Photographer:

One important option is to become a full-time wedding photographer if that’s your area of specialization. You can start by offering your services to local wedding and meeting with wedding planners in your local area.


Wedding photographers, another option is to look out identify intending couples around you, following them up in their special nights, from their engagement night way up to the eve and even after the wedding.

6. Work for Newspapers and Magazines:

Another way to make some money in photography is through your local magazine and newspaper industry. Apply to be a freelance photographer for them or do some photography sessions for them and take photos for them.
You might be placed on a low pay scale, but certainly, as you begin to improve your skills and step up, they will certainly be the ones reaching out for your services.

As a photographer, you could also sell some of your special artwork to people and offices. All you need do is to put it in frames and put them up for sale in offices or restaurant and public places.

Open a Photography Business:

It could be a studio or as a landscape photographer or a pet photography business. All you need to do is specialize yourself in one of photography. Never be a ‘jack of all trade’, stick to one area you are good at and build your reputation.

With the help of your online portfolio, a well-outlined business plan and the right camera gear and equipment. Source for your startup fund. Then you are good to go.

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