The advent of mobile phones has changed the way we live. Mobile phones have evolved to become an integral part of our daily lives. Today, we now have smartphones which are very powerful computing devices that are capable of doing so many things.

We are becoming ever more reliant on these gadgets. Sadly, with more tasks means lesser battery life for these devices. Unfortunately, while mobile phones have gotten smarter, the battery compartment is having to play catch-up. Some android devices are lucky to come with very good batteries that are capable of getting a user through an entire day with average usage. Some others can only manage to last a few hours before needing to be charged again. In this post, we look at a few things you can do to extend the battery life of your android device.

  • Activate Power Saving (Battery Saver)

Power saver mode helps to conserve battery by cutting back on high-performance functions that consume much battery. When activated, power saver mode limits the display brightness, network usage, CPU speed, and in some devices only essential apps and services will function when the mode is activated. You can find the power saver mode in Settings, under Battery.

  • Manage Your Apps

Having too many apps on your device will not only slow it down, but the battery life will also be shorter. It’s important to minimize the number of apps on your phone for optimal battery performance. Apps that you have never used or those that you seldom use should be deleted. This is because a lot of these apps keep running in the background, thereby consuming power. Free your phone of this unnecessary burden by keeping your apps to a minimum.


If you wish to keep lots of apps on your phone and still maximize its battery performance, you can limit apps running in the background. You will have to restrict each app you do not want to run in the background. To do this, go to Settings, click on Apps & Notifications, then select the app you want to restrict. While on the app’s page, click Advanced, then Battery, and then Background Restriction. Do this for every single app you do not want to run in the background. For those with old android devices, you may not be able to restrict apps directly from your phone’s settings. You will have to download third-party apps such as Greenify to do this.

You can also monitor apps consuming your phone battery by going to Settings, then click on Battery, then Menu, and then Battery Usage. You will be able to see how much battery is consumed by each app. If there is an app that you hardly use but is consuming much battery, the app may be misbehaving and its best to uninstall it.

  • Reduce Screen Brightness

The screen consumes the most battery in any smartphone. Reducing the brightness of your phone’s screen helps to conserve battery. There is an Auto-Brightness feature under Display Settings that you can activate to save battery. This feature automatically adapts the screen brightness to the available light. However, if you truly want to conserve battery, its best to set screen brightness manually.

  • Reduce Screen Timeout (Auto-Lock)

Auto-lock is a feature that kicks in whenever you leave your phone screen on without using it. To conserve battery, it turns off your phone screen automatically after some time. This could happen as late as 30 minutes after inactivity or as early as 10 seconds after. Select a timeout option that works best for you and also helps you conserve battery. You may be okay with a 30-second timeout or a 1-minute timeout, the choice is yours but note that the earlier your phone sleeps after a period of inactivity, the more battery it saves.

  • Turn Off Connectivity Features

Connectivity features such as Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and so on should be turned off except when needed. These features consume much battery and should only be turned on when the need arises.

  • Use Wi-Fi When Available

Network data takes more out of your battery than Wi-Fi, so it is advisable to choose the latter whenever possible. This way, you can use your phone for a longer time.

  • Put off Vibration

Each time your phone vibrates, energy is expended. Constant vibration will eventually take its toll on your battery if you don’t turn it off. Getting your phone inundated with notifications while vibration is on affects battery life. You can even put off sounds too if need be to save more battery. To put off vibration, simply go to Settings, then Sound to turn off vibration.

  • Animated Wallpapers (Live Wallpapers) and Widgets Are Not Battery Friendly

Wallpapers, especially animated ones require more energy to display. Keep the background of your phone simple and with few colours as it requires more energy to render colourful backgrounds. Widgets are cool and convenient but they also draw from your battery to stay active. If you are worried about battery life, then it is best to do away with live wallpapers and widgets.

  • Switch to Dark Mode

For android devices with AMOLED display, using a dark theme helps your device to conserve its battery. This is because AMOLED works by lighting up individual pixels to create images, so using a black wallpaper means that the pixels are not activated. Using dark wallpapers is a very efficient way of conserving your battery if you have an AMOLED device. The dark mode won’t save you energy if your screen is LCD though. 

  1.  Turn Off Location Services

Another way to conserve your android phone/tablet battery is to turn off Location Services. Most phones use other features apart from GPS to accurately determine your location and this drains the battery. To prevent this, it’s best to disable Location Settings. Also, you can restrict apps that use your location especially apps that don’t require it all the time. This prevents those apps from using your location in the background. Go to Settings, then Apps & notifications, then Advanced, and then App permissions to review the apps that are granted the right to use your location. 


With so much to do on your smartphone, maximizing your device’s battery is important. It doesn’t take much to boost your android device’s battery performance, just a few adjustments here and there will do the trick. Some ways by which you can prolong the life of your android device’s battery have been discussed in the body of this post. Try them out and see if your battery lasts longer.

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